What to see


Rimini is a roman town that still retains some of the small jewels of the architecture of the time: the Bridge of Tiberius and the Arch of Augustus, connected by the main avenue of the historical centre, the Corso d'augusto. Starting from the Arch of Augustus, and continuing along the viale (full of shops and bars) you will reach before the Tre Martiri square, the symbol of the Resistance in the city, and later to the Piazza Cavour, the center of night entertainment. It is in piazza Cavour, between the Pigna Fountain and the Old fish market with its white marble of the eighteenth century, that all the shares meet the evening, and then move to a pub.

Worth a visit to the Malatesta Temple, a work that marks the transition between the middle Ages and the Renaissance: inside there are a crucifix by Giotto and a fresco by Piero della Francesca , depicting Sigismondo Malatesta, the client and the lord of Rimini.

After crossing the Bridge of Tiberius, instead, you will reach theancient village of fishermen. San Giuliano today it is loved and frequented both for its colorful views and the murals in the memory of Fellini, and for the many local born in the last years.


Rimini is often known for its beaches and nightlife but also the hinterland, rich of history, culture and nature, deserves at least a visit.

Treat yourself to a different evening, and you reach Santarcangelo: this charming village hides a history of underground, made of tunnels, shafts and galleries that constitute a second city dug into the ground. After visiting the fortress, you will be able to stop in one of the many pubs and wine bars to enjoy a cool drink or a tasty dinner based on local dishes accompanied by a glass of Sangiovese.

San Marino

San Marino is a destination not to be missed, full of history and charm. It is the oldest Republic in the world, a charming village perched on Monte Titano. Since 2008, the historic center and Mount Titano have been included by UNESCO among the heritages of humanity. San Marino is a very attractive destination also for all the fans of shopping, thanks to the many outlets, malls, shops and handicraft for all tastes.

Also the lovers of culture and museums will be able to find in San Marino is the ideal destination to satisfy their desire of curiosity, thanks to the many museums that the city offers, including the wax museum, of curiosities, of the modern weapons and many others. Throughout the year there are also organised numerous art exhibitions and exhibitions art for all tastes.

Castles and Fortresses

The hinterland is rich of art and fascinating relics from its ancient history, characterized by intriguing and exciting stories of the lords and noble families that have ruled these lands and left their works up to the present day.

Among the most important places we recommend:

  • San Leo, with its imposing and fascinating fortress which dominates the marecchia valley
  • Verucchio, cradle of the Malatesta” with one of the fortresses of the Signoria the best-preserved
  • Montebello, an ancient village became famous for the legend of Azzurrina, the daughter of the lord mysteriously disappeared in the snowfield of the fortress
  • Gradara, with its beautiful castle is consumed, the troubled love story between Paolo and Francesca, narrated by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy