The dining room overlooks a bright veranda, and the breakfast buffet, sweet and savory, includes daily cakes prepared by us accompanied by yogurt and fresh fruit.

For lunch and dinner each day you can choose between two first and two second courses to give everyone a chance to find their favorite dishes. Accompanying the main courses each day is a rich and varied buffet of side dishes and cooked and raw vegetables, where you can serve yourself according to your preferences.

Our dining and kitchen staff will also always be available to accommodate any additional needs based on any intolerances or special culinary regimens. Whenever and wherever possible we will do our best to meet the needs of all our guests.

0 km products

Home cooking is conducted with special care by choosing only quality raw materials from zero kilometers, for tasty and healthy dishes of the Romagna and Mediterranean tradition , as well as tasty fish specialties.

Every morning from 7:30 to 11:00 as many times as you like!

Breakfast, we know, is the most important and also the most delicious meal of the day. That's why every morning we serve a rich sweet and savory buffet, with quality products and with special attention to the raw materials we offer and the preparation methods we use.
Our breakfast has an extra edge: we have expanded our offer with many new products and recipes!
Many of our offerings are homemade such as cakes and jams. We freshly prepare centrifuged vegetables and fresh seasonal fruits. There is no shortage of savory foods and baked goods, including vegan and gluten free variants.

At the table with your children

Our attentions go not only to kids, but to all our guests, including the many families who stay at our 3-star hotel every year.

If you are traveling with your family, especially with small children, don't worry! Our kitchen will prepare for you, upon request, baby food, vegetable broths and children's menus with simple and genuine flavors. In addition, the restaurant will be available for lunch at more flexible times and provide you with a high chair for your baby.